Apostles Build 2020

This type of build is a partnership that allows twelve individual churches and organizations to join together to fund and build a house for a local family. As Jesus’ original apostles were charged with spreading the word about Jesus, our twelve “apostles” are charged with assisting in Habitat’s mission to provide decent, affordable housing for God’s children 

What is the Apostles Build 2020

How will it work?

Each “apostle” will be responsible for $3000 of the cost of the home, one of the volunteer build days to build the home, and lunch for the volunteers on that day. It’s that simple. You will need to raise a little money, recruit volunteers, and provide a liaison as a contact person and you’ll be ready. The liaison will work alongside our church relations committee to facilitate communication.

What are the responsibilities?

Here is a brief list of what each “apostle” will be responsible for: 

1. Select someone to serve as a liaison between your church/organization and Habitat for Humanity of Crawford County (HFHCC).

2. Select coordinators for volunteers, lunches, and fundraising events. 

3. Raise your church/organization’s commitment of $3000 to fund the build.

4. Select a day to work (based upon the build schedule) and provide the labor (10-20 volunteers) for that Saturday.

What will Habitat provide? 

1. Lot for the build

2. Partner family

3. Construction manager and crew leaders

Other ways to become an Apostle

Join with other local churches, groups, and service organization to form an apostle entity and share in the  responsibilities listed above. Contact us and let us know that you want to be a part of the Apostle Build 2020 and we will join you with other groups to help with this build.

Fundraising Ideas

Some Examples...

Pray about it! Prayer empowers us to do God’s work and helps us make difficult decisions. 

Make Habitat a line item in your budget This will ensure participation in Habitat’s work. 

Serve your congregation’s favorite dinner, desserts or ice cream Plan a social and spice it up with a speaker or a dance or performers.   

Make a noise with a silent auction Persuasive organizers can obtain terrific donations from area businesses.  Proceeds can number in the thousands.  

Ask for alternative gifts A young man in a synagogue raised more than $800 for Habitat as a bar-mitzvah project.

Buy a brick Create a grid on a poster containing a drawing of a house. Sell sections of the grid and write donors’ names in spaces.  

Pound it home with a nail sale Paint the tips of nails and sell them—$1 for bronze, $3 for Silver, and $5 for Gold 

Collect a mile of pennies or nickels or dimes Have your resident genius figure out how much that would net and then get to work.

Download the Apostles Build brochure

Come Build With Us!

Contact Us to become an Apostle or for more information

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