Volunteers are Making a Difference

Swing a Hammer – Build a Home


You do not have to have any particular skill to help build a Habitat house. We provide skilled supervisors each week to oversee volunteers as they work on the project.

Workdays are usually Saturday, although we will be happy to schedule work on another day for individuals or groups who would like to volunteer. You may want to check the build schedule and pick a certain day to work.

Please let us know when you plan to work so we may provide meals and drinks.

Provide a Meal



Working on the house itself is not the only way to help Habitat.

Each week, meals must be provided for 12 - 15 volunteers. Simple meals may be sandwiches or soup, fruit or chips, plus a drink and dessert. Chocolate brownies are always a favorite!

This is a great way for individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses to help.

The Building Committee


What the Committee Does

The Building Committee has many responsibilities. They work with the Site Selection Committee to acquire building lots. They develop house plans. They develop systems and schedules for organizing families and volunteers. They organize volunteers for construction, and establish contacts in the professional community. 

Committee Responsibilities

  • Construction coordination and schedules
  • Construction supervision
  • Material procurement
  • Safety

Committee Member Involvement

Committee members are almost always involved in actual construction. They enjoy working together for the greater good and develop a real camaraderie on the job.  Many of our retired volunteers enjoy the building process so much that they almost consider it a full-time job! Others may only be available on Saturdays. 

Who Do We Need

We need people who have expertise in many areas. If you have an interest in house construction, new committee members are always welcome.

Benefits of Volunteering

Change the World

  I have a roof over my head and a place of my own to sleep every night. I want to help families achieve the same dream.

Purpose of Helping

 The Habitat experience brings us all together for a single goal and purpose of helping our neighbors and new friends with basic needs.

Something Bigger

 It wasn’t just working, it wasn’t just building, it wasn’t just getting out of the house. There is something bigger involved.

Rewarding Experience

The volunteer experience is so rewarding, and the family's joy at the dedication is worth the time I volunteered on the weekends.

Chance to Learn

 With Habitat, you’ll always have the chance to learn something different and to grow, sometimes in as little as a single day. 

Nourishment for the Body & Soul

Providing worksite meals for the volunteers is rewarding. They work hard every weekend to help others. The least I could do is feed them.

There Is No One Type of Habitat Volunteer

There is no one type of Habitat volunteer. 

Our volunteers come from all walks and stages of life. 

We celebrate the diversity of our volunteers and their commitment to come together and help build it.

No hay un tipo de voluntario de Hábitat.

Nuestros voluntarios vienen de todos los paseos y etapas de la vida.

Celebramos la diversidad de nuestros voluntarios y su compromiso de unirse y ayudar a construirlo.